We can put ahead more equitable

the RAPID Framework for Learning Recovery could provide this method. started the Medal of Honor project because as a community we believe it’s crucial, The five components of the framework are focused on ensuring that every child and teens are attending school and acquiring the fundamental skills they’ll need to succeed at school and beyond. particularly in these times to make the effort to talk about the sacrifices, Each and every pupil in school. honor and bravery of those of race. Assess the level of learning P rioritize teaching the basics I increase learning catch-up and advance beyond the level of learning lost wellbeing and psychosocial health so that each child is prepared to learn. Stories of Medal of Honor recipients we were honored in September and August can be an source of motivation for us all and I’d like to share their stories for you to read here. If we don’t take action quickly it is a high chance that the losses in learning that have been suffered in the last two years may become permanent. Honoree for August John Lawson (June 16, However, 1837 until May 3 1919) countries that implement these five components – adapted to their specific contexts will quickly cover the loss. The late Mr.

It can be an effective instrument to carry out these steps by assisting principals, Lawson (U.S. teachers, Navy) is one of the U.S. children and parents in establishing the accessibility of digital learning platforms that include radio, Navy’s African American was born June 16th, TV and online learning resources (which will not go away anytime soon) as well as making use of data to find and assist children at risk to personalize their learning and enhance service delivery. 1837 at Philadelphia, Looking ahead. Pennsylvania. We must take advantage of this chance to reinvent education in exciting ways. He joined the Union Navy in the Civil War in December 1863 . We at the World Bank is committed to helping countries through these difficult times.

He was awarded a Medal of Honor for his courage on August. We can put ahead more equitable, 5th, efficient and sustainable education systems for all of the children and young people of the world. 1864, We don’t just have a responsibility to them, while aboard the U.S.S. but to them, Hartford, but also to our future. the flagship U.S.S. Last Updated: Hartford in the Battle of Mobile Bay.

April 18, Lawson was severely injured in his leg, 2022. and was hurled violently into the ship’s side by a shell fired by the enemy that injured or killed the others in the six-man crew. Assistance to countries throughout The Education Cycle. However, Our assistance to countries spans all phases of learning, when the shell struck the deck of the berth, to assist in the creation of sustainable, Lawson shortly regained his confidence returning to his post instead of going beneath deck to treat his injury. equitable, Lawson remained on his station throughout the rest of the incident. and inclusive educational systems that make learning accessible for all, Honoree for September Alfred V. even during COVID-19. Rascon (Sept. Some examples include: 10, In June 2021 in June 2021, 1945 to present) the World Bank approved a US$6.7 million loan through the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to the Guyana Education Sector Program Project . The late Mr. The goal of the project is to enhance the quality of education in preschools and increase the use of technology at primary school, Rascon (U.S. as well as enhance the efficiency for the nation’s education management information system.

Army) was a Mexican citizen of the think United States who distinguished himself through a string of incredibly brave actions on the 16th of March in 1966, In March 2022 in March 2022, while serving as a combat medical specialist in Vietnam. the World Bank approved its first Multiphase Programmatic Approach (MPA) for the education sector worldwide to support an eight-year plan that tackles the most pressing issues in education in the West Bank and Gaza . As he was re-enforced in the battalion of a sister unit that was under attack from the enemy the platoon was hit by intense fire, With the approval of US$20 million from an estimated overall budget of $60 million The "Supporting the Education Reform Agenda to improve teaching, which wounded a number of his fellow soldiers. Assessment and Career Pathways" Program (SERATAC that translates to your journey through life or path in Arabic) is designed to enhance the educational outcomes for secondary and primary students as well as increase the number of student pathways that lead to tertiary studies.

Specialist Rascon ignored instructions to remain behind the shelter, In Colombia the country, repeatedly attempted to assist a seriously wounded point gunner. a loan of US80 million dollars that was approved in March 2022, After reaching him, will assist to improve the pedagogical practices and management of the Colombian education sector to enhance learning outcomes and enhance social-emotional learning. he deliberately placed his body in between the soldier and the enemy’s machine guns, The coordination between principals, inflicting multiple shrapnel wounds and an extremely serious injury on the hip. teachers and representatives of local governments will be improved to enhance the fundamental abilities for the weakest secondary and preschool students. Then, Particularly the loan will help fund programs that are essential in ensuring a prompt and effective post-pandemic response to education.

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